Albaad |

The Challenge  Many have never heard of the name “Albaad”, yet that has not stopped its advancement as a global company with a strong financial base, and the third-largest wet-wipe producer worldwide. What motivates a non-woven textiles tycoon to wake one morning, come to our studio and ask us to rebrand his company? While Albaad […]

Igud Bank |

Union Bank is Israel’s sixth-largest bank. However, since Israelis always seem to refer to the ‘top five’ banks without specifying the bank’s names, ‘Union Bank’ does not receive much exposure in news headlines or in the public consciousness. If banks are like supermarkets, then Union Bank is a boutique delicatessen. Until 2008, its clients included […]

R3 | sex

The Challenge Over the last decade, the Israeli condom market was totally controlled by the Durex brand, which almost became a generic term for condoms and enjoyed the perceived value of professionalism. Studies showed that although the R3 brand was of an even higher quality, it was perceived by consumers as being less reliable, and […]