Tara |

The Challenge In 2009, the two main players in the brand category – Tnuva and Strauss – overshadowed other brands with their dominance on refrigerator shelves. This dominance, coupled with a significant investment in resources, enabled the brands to attempt a dangerous conceptual status quo in the category, which could have pulled the rug out […]


The Challenge The year was 2002. Pelephone found itself in a bad situation, as its brand was no longer relevant to its young customer base. The market was dominated by two brands with clear positioning: Cellcom – young, ‘my friend’ Orange – international, optimistic and young All this took place at a time before mobile […]

Bezeq |

The Challenge In 2001, there was a large gap between the public’s perception of Bezeq and the reality of how the company had evolved Bezeq was viewed as a monopoly; it was highly unpopular. People remembered the company as it was in the days when service was slow and poor, and it was regarded as […]